4/3pics Maximilian Busl

Hof Germany


Born in 1960 I have a lot of fabulous things experienced: the fall of the Berlin Wall and the re-union of Germany sure were the greatest moments. I was right in the middle of that as I am a journalist. I was reporting of the things going on with photos and words. It was an incomparable time. I would not want to miss just one second. My passion for photography took place when I started my professional carreer as a newspaper writer. I had to take photos too - and so I first got contact to that great thing... I started with Nikon FE, later F2, F3, F4. Sometime the small format became too small for me and I entered the world of medium format. I got a Hasselblad 503 CX and two lenses. Unfortunately I sold all the analog equipment for digital photography. At those times this was ok, but as the days went by I started to miss the good old manual kind of photography. So I went back one step and purchased an used analog equipment again - a Hasselblad 500 C/M and lenses from 40 to 250mm, some extension tubes and further stuff. Meanwhile I made a dream come true und purchased a digital back for the Hasselblad, the CFV 50c. So I can combine the digital and the analog world. A perfect solution - but there is a serious danger for an addiction to mid-size digital photography. For me it is the Hasselblad H6D with 100 MP sensor and lenses 28mm, 120mm Makro, 300mm and 50-110mm.